One of my favorite songs of the last 10 years is “Untrust Us” by the Crystal Castles. It sounds like the vocal line was written for a whale. No guitars.

This cover by 150 children singing for the Capital Children’s Choir in London is inspiring. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios earlier this year there are no instruments, no lyrics, just earnest kids making music with their voices.

It’s beautifully ironic that the last time I watched this (Oct 17) the ad before it was for Kahn Academy, touting their mission statement to “provide free world class education to anyone, anywhere.” The experience these kids went through in recording at Abbey Road was surely richly educational: being mentored by a visionary choir director, working long days and through multiple takes, communicating with their choir-mates and practicing to be good enough for the final cut, are all things that cannot be learning in a prepackaged white-board lesson.

World class education indeed. Go choir!