Youth Hackathon Playbook Hits the Web for Free

Originally posted on the MaRS blog here


While hackathons have long been a favourite way for tech companies to quickly prototype new ideas, the model is not well known to educators. It’s a shame, because hackathons are an ideal way to model the elusive holy grail of inquiry-based learning or connected learning, where student interests drive the learning process.

As we think about how to best prepare our students for a rapidly changing economy, events like EdAppHack must be given space to flourish inside classrooms. Student concerns, desires and interests (rather than textbooks) should be used as fuel to drive the learning process forward.

The Youth Hackathon Playbook is a step-by-step guide for educators who are interested in hosting a two-day inquiry-based idea jam or hackathon. The format allows students to solve problems quickly by creating and testing prototypes of apps or non-technical products. Activities include: