Game structure

My 2 year old daughter just invented an awesome new game called 1-2-3 Papaya! You take a chunk of papaya, yell “1-2-3 Papaya!” and then throw it as far as you can. This game is awesome for three reasons:

1. Papaya chunks are actually not very good. They are not just chunks of papaya. The kind I got from No Frills were crystalized and tasted like sugared fruit from a fruit cake.

2. It follows all of Jane McGonigal’s rules for what constitutes a game: a) it has clearly defined rules (i.e. you can only throw the papaya after you say “1-2-3 papaya”); b) you get immediate feedback (i.e. did your papaya chunk make it further than the last time?) and c. you know when you’re doing better (your papaya goes further each time. Or, if you’re Sophie, it hits you in the head).

Also, it’s a good way for my daughter to learn about turn-taking,  Caveat: it is NOT good for teaching her not to play with her food.